Become an affiliate.

What if you could have partnered with your favorite brand? What if when it came time to invest in the biggest thing, you were able to sow a seed that sprouted so many trees?

Well now that opportunity is here!

The Lino Robles Affiliate program is your opportunity to generate income that truly rewards you.

The Lino Robles Affiliate is the gateway to our exclusive offers on limited runs. The Lino Robles Affiliate listens to our customers, and provides a great opportunity for our affiliates to build their own distribution network while creating their own revenue stream!

How it works

Today, you may distribute from your home, tomorrow you could have your own store front.

We give you the tools to be your own boss, as a select buyer and distributor of Lino Robles. 


  1. Visit our online store and choose products that you would like to sell to your network and circle of trust you influence. We provide them to you at a wholesale price and the local markup goes right back into your pocket!
  2. We also provide you a personalized code,  that you can apply to your business cards as you create thought provoking sales pitches that encourages your sphere of influence to remember to also buy later online if they are not ready right now. 

Your distributor code will also work great for social networking campaigns that you personalize and create to expand your borders beyond your local market, it’s that easy!


  • Merchandise sold locally is, what you markup, you keep
  • Returning online customers using your code will first receive a discounted rate online, you receive a percentage and product is sent directly from our warehouse. Our goal is to encourage sales to be made directly with our affiliates! If customers go online later using your code, funds are transferred monthly via paypal when funds reach $100 minimum!

Are you ready to get started? Email us and say “Give me a code”, and share your story, we are a family and the more we know about our affiliates the better we’ll be at meeting the needs of the business
Please include a link to your social network profile

Jon Lewis 
VP Business Operations
Lino Robles, Inc